BackupPC FAQ: Backups don't work

Backups don't work; how do I fix this?

The BackupPC_dump command has a -v option, so the easiest way to debug backup problems on a specific host is to run BackupPC_dump manually as the BackupPC user:

    __INSTALLDIR__/bin/BackupPC_dump -v -f hostName

This will run a full dump on hostName (replace with your host name) and will print all the output from each command, including the log output.

The most likely problems will relate to connecting to the smb shares on each host. On each failed backup, a file __TOPDIR__/pc/$host/XferLOG.bad.z will be created. This is the stderr output from the transport program. You can view this file via the CGI interface, or manually uncompress it with;

    __INSTALLDIR__/bin/BackupPC_zcat __TOPDIR__/pc/$host/XferLOG.bad.z | more

The first line will show the full command that was run (eg: rsync, tar or smbclient). Based on the error messages you should figure out what is wrong. Possible errors on the server side are invalid host, invalid share name, bad username or password. Possible errors on the client side are misconfiguration of the share, username or password.

You should try running the command manually to see what happens. For example, for smbclient you should it manually and verify that you can connect to the host in interactive mode, eg:

    smbclient '\\hostName\shareName' -U userName

shareName should match the $Conf{SmbShareName} setting and userName should match the the $Conf{SmbShareUserName} setting.

You will be prompted for the password. You should then see this prompt:

    smb: \>

Verify that ``ls'' works and then type ``quit'' to exit.

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