BackupPC FAQ: Host not found

BackupPC can't ping or find host

Please read the section How BackupPC Finds Hosts in the documentation.

The BackupPC_dump command now has a -v option, so the easiest way to debug backup problems on a specific host is to run BackupPC_dump manually as the BackupPC user:

    __INSTALLDIR__/bin/BackupPC_dump -v -f hostName

This will run a full dump on hostName (replace with your host name). It will show each command (eg: ping, nmblookup and the full dump commands) and the output from each command. Reading the output carefully should show you what the problem is.

You can also verify that nmblookup correctly returns the netbios name. This is essential for DHCP hosts, and depending upon the setting of $Conf{FixedIPNetBiosNameCheck} might also be required for fixed IP address hosts too. Run this command:

    nmblookup -A hostName

Verify that the host name is printed. The output might look like:

    received 7 names
            DELLLS13        <00> -         P <ACTIVE> 
            DOMAINNAME      <00> - <GROUP> P <ACTIVE> 
            DELLLS13        <20> -         P <ACTIVE> 
            DOMAINNAME      <1e> - <GROUP> P <ACTIVE> 
            DELLLS13        <03> -         P <ACTIVE> 
            DELLLS13$       <03> -         P <ACTIVE> 
            CRAIG           <03> -         P <ACTIVE>

The first name, converted to lower case, is used for the host name.

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